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D.I.Y.-Calendarium 2013 – Read, Like(d), PRE-Order!

Montag, 3. September 2012 von heikoheftich

Update, 03.09.2012: till 14th of SEPTEMBER (last date! put it into your agenda!) you have the opportunity to PRE-order a (or 2, or 3..) copy of Zwei Null Eins Drei (and that’s the only way to get one!!!!!!)


got this nice information via mail:


“Hello!This is THEO speaking!

You get this email, because you either –

are the proud owner of a handmade THEO Zwei Null Eins Zwei agenda


you subscribed to our email list (good decision!)


THEO (or somebody that knows THEO, or somebody that knows somebody that knows THEO…) put you on here because he/she/it thinks you should get this…


we are half thru Zwei Null Eins Zwei (2012, for those who don’t know what we’re talking about) and hope that your agendas are already happily filled with fabulous plans,actions,holidays,memories, addresses of beautiful people, many funny scetches&unreadable notes..

production process of d.i.y.-calendarium 2012

THEO is really (really, really) happy, that the first try-out (actually it was what we call a “Schnapsidee”, very spontaneous and a bit improvised) was such a “success”&that we made quite some people happy with the result! THEO even got asked&asked&asked again for more copies! But most of you know, that it was a special edition, and just made for as many people who subscribed before!

production process of d.i.y.-calendarium 2012

(For all of you who missed the first edition, all of the artwork from inside is available in a postcard-edition that we happily give away for a donation!)

Your happiness gives THEO the energy to go into a second round! The new version, Zwei Null Eins Drei is already in planning!

Because there is always something to learn, to improve, to change…& we are still in search, we want to let you know:

there will be a few changes for sure!


til end of august YOU have the opportunity to give critique,ideas, wishes, anger, applause…

so please drop us a line: theobeam@riseup.net with the subject: “I want a change!”

a few things THEO can already share with you:

First. Most probably the next issue will be in english (so instead of MontagDiMiDoFrSaSo, you’ll have to figure out the system of MondayTueWedThurFriSatSun) because: (THEO is really happy about this:
)this year’s agenda has not just reached people in Deutschland, but also
shipped to Nederland, Australia, Chile &the US!

Second. Thanx for all the donations that sometimes really showed how much you appreciated THEO’s work (although ideally the value of handcraft, energy&passion shouldn’t be measured against money..). We got out of all our costs, but for real, it was MUCH more work than expected. THEO is thinking about a minimum price, or maybe a fixed price, this is still to figure out…But still! THEO wants its works to be available to anybody, please check with us even if you are low on money, we will work something out (you can be our slave during production time or something…)

We will try to soon update you about any decision!

last but not least:

THEO would be happy if you forward this mail to all the lovely people out there! because from NOW on til 14th of SEPTEMBER (last date! put it into you agenda!) you have the opportunity to PRE-order a (or 2, or 3..) copy of Zwei Null Eins Drei (and that’s the only way to get one!!!!!!).

It’s easy:

please write a mail to: theobeam@riseup.net

put “order 2013, your name &how many copies ” into the subject field (ex: “Order 2013, THEO, 2”)

then in the mail put down your address (just if it needs to be shipped, if you see us around, no need for any address) and tell us if you want to pay cash or via bank. Preferably we like to have the money BEFORE so we don’t get into big money problems ourselves when we get the materials, print etc..), that worked well last time&nobody complained.. And in the end:don’t forget to drop us some nice words

Any questions? You know how to reach us!

Enough for now! Enjoy the summer (…)! Hopefully THEO will see some of you around Berlin, Hamburg, Bagdadcity, Lüneburg, Fluff, Amsterdam….

Yours sincerely, THEO”

More information: heikoheftich.de – Wie wird eigentlich ein Kalender gemacht?

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