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“Backing Walkwards. A experiment in reverse footage”

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015 von heikoheftich

Hello everyone my name is Alex Hillman. You might know me as the Good Guy Biker from the video ‘Good Guy Biker Strikes Again’. This is my latest video called Backing Walkwards.

On the 21st of April I came upon a video called “Tokyo Reverse” I was so moved by this video I set in motion something that exploded to life. I was determined to recreate this style of video but in my beautiful city of Vancouver BC Canada. I went to the interwebs and sent request out for assistance and sure enough wonderful people came running. Together we filmed these and many more clips as a trial run for our short film in only one afternoon really only 3 hours.

Our full short film is being produced over 3 weeks and many days of shooting. The idea was to practice new techniques that will be needed and practice we did. The term trial by fire comes to mind because this is my first time setting out to produce something of this level. All this was produced in one afternoon and edited that same night. As i type this we are still less then 24 hours from the first recording.

So here are a few of the interesting shots cut together in a loose idea of what our film is going to be about. Many of the settings and places will be the same in our full feature film but with many more as well.

Tokyo Reverse




“Tokyo Reverse” was a Slow TV event broadcasted on French public TV channel France 4 on March 31. Nine hours of live music set to a man walking backwards in Tokyo, but they reversed the footage so that it looked like everyone else was walking backwards instead.

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